1.  Is Ultrasound safe?

There is no evidence that ultrasounds are risky to the baby or mom.  For more than 30 years ultrasounds have been used in the field of obstetrics.  No harmful effects have been associated with 2D, 3D or 4D ultrasound to date.  We still want to use ultrasound in a responsible and safe way, so, our scans will be  limited by time (no longer than 20 min) and done by a medical professional.  

2.  What do I need to do to prepare for my ultrasound?

In the days prior to your appointment, please drink 1-2 liters of water per day with your obstetrical provider's (doctor/midwife) okay.  This will help improve the quality of the images we obtain of your baby.   You will not need to have a full bladder on the day of the scan.   

It is necessary to have begun prenatal care AND if greater than 18 weeks , to have  already had a diagnostic ultrasound scheduled or done of your baby--(usually done around 20 weeks).    Please ask your obstetrical provider if it is okay to have this ultrasound done.  We will ask you to sign a document stating that you are receiving prenatal care and that your provider has cleared you for this ultrasound.  (You do not need a diagnostic ultrasound for the First Glimpse or Gender packages).

3.  When is the best time to have the 3d/4d ultrasound done?

It is best to have your ultrasound between ~21 (best if at least 26 weeks) to ~34 weeks (we can do after 34 weeks in most cases) of pregnancy.  But, the only requirement for us, is that you are at least 16 weeks pregnant.  

4.  Is this covered by my insurance?

No.  This is NOT a medical or diagnostic ultrasound.   It is strictly an elective ultrasound to get a fun glimpse of your unborn baby. 

5.  When will the prints and flashdrive be available?

All prints and the flashdrive will be available on the day of your ultrasound before you leave.   We will also keep a master copy of your session for 3 months from the date of your scan should you need a duplicate.

6.  What is an example of a 2D image?

Regular 2D OB Ultrasound picture. No depth in detail. This is an example of a  thermal paper print .

Regular 2D OB Ultrasound picture. No depth in detail. This is an example of a thermal paper print.

7.   An example of a 3D COLOR  image           An example of a 3D THERMAL paper print

Note the 3 dimensional detail seen in this image

Note the 3 dimensional detail seen in this image

3D thermal (paper) print.jpg

8.  This is a 3D High Definition (HD) Color image

A 3D image with light applied for greater detail.

A 3D image with light applied for greater detail.

9.  What is 4D?

4D is 3D in motion.  This is not a guaranteed part of any package.

10.  What should I expect ?

We expect to get great images of your baby.   Sometimes, though, because baby positioning, location of placenta, the amount of fluid around the baby, the gestational age of the baby, and other factors, we cannot always obtain the views that we want.  We will make every effort possible.

If the scan is completed, but you are not satisfied with the images, you will not be charged.  You have the option of returning within 1-2 weeks for another scan. 

11.  Any other questions ?

Additional paper & photo prints can be purchased at the time of any session.  

Please call or text !  I will return your call/text ASAP.

We are happy to answer your questions !!  


You can schedule appointments online !  You will need to hold this appointment with a credit card (this card will not be automatically used to pay for the service). On the day of the ultrasound, please bring that card (or another) if that is your method of payment.

** Exciting New FEATURE **

!! New Dimensions can now send your images to your Device (cell or email) !!

  (for a small additional fee per device—see packages page for details)



**Photographing or Video Taping will not be Allowed.  We ask that all cell phones and other devices be put away during the session.  Attempting to do so will result in Immediate End of Session**